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Healing through play

Healing through play corporation was established in the beginning of 2000. It begun as a small private practice with the main goal of promoting and enhacing child mental health. Healing through play provides counseling to children, adolescents and their families.

Healing through play grew rapidly to help hundreds of children and their families with all mental health related issues.

The main emphasis is child oriented therapy, while always remembering that the children are an essential part of their home environment, and therefore the child’s environment is involved at all times in the healing process.

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Feeling Stickers

These set of stickers are based on the world-famous poem written by renowned therapist Virginia Satir. This interactive set of stickers helps children have a stronger sense of self, who can deal with all issues related to daily living

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Feeling While Playing

This state of the art game promotes emotional intelligence by assisting the players in feeling identification through body language. Spoken language is an acceptable mode of communication among us all. However, body language and facial expressions are just as important as words. The following game promotes the understanding of facial expressions and their proper identification to respective feelings.

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I Am Me / Yo soy Yo

This workbook is based on the world-famous poem written by renowned therapist Virginia Satir. The poem is broken into sentences and the child, through interactive activities teaches more about him or herself thereby developing and enriching self-esteem. Also available in Spanish.

Our Vision

Acquire a better quality of life, learn how to solve problems, enhance the self esteem and be aware of his or her own feelings


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Diana Malca Chern has been working at Healing through play Corporation since January 2000. Through wide-ranging experience in therapy with children, issues related to self-esteem and limits have come up repeatedly. Due to this, we have developed the self-esteem workbook “I am me” for children and adolescents following the world-renowned family therapist Virginia Satir. We have also developed a game to teach the proper expression and identification of feelings.

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Diana Malca-Chern

Diana has extraordinary sensitivity to a multicultural background. Born in Colombia and raised in Israel where she completed her Bachelor degree in informal education, a degree that focused on the prevention and treatment of at-risk youth in Israel. Graduated with a masters degree from New York University, school of social work. She then relocated to Miami, Florida where she resides and practices. Worked At Jewish Family Services of Greater Miami for seven years, specializing in the treatment of sexual and physical abuse of children and their families. Diana has provided therapy to hundreds of children from violent homes, suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Diana has received many awards for her commitment and effort to both help and advocate for children. She has published articles related to these issues and has been interviewed on TV shows relating to children and mental health. "My accomplishments in this field are a result of my well-rounded professional orientation, the ability to successfully relate and treat individuals and families of multicultural backgrounds, to troubleshoot and to provide concrete solutions to a variety of complex issues. I am adept at making presentations and have the command of several languages, Spanish, Hebrew, and English. Additionally, I am proficient at supervising and at training others to be effective counselors."

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